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Hi,my name is Riri Powell. My son, Dezmond Powell attended the 2013 camp. After so many episodes of asthma attacks, Iwent on a search to find help for my son in every way that Ipossibly could, and that's how Icame across something called "Zone Camp" and he fit the description for the participants. I was really thankful and at the same time impressed with his knowledge when he came home. My son is one who knows what it is like to be in the "Red Zone", and we have continued to do what we can to prevent it. He finally got around to getting the allergy testing,and he had severe reactions to almost all.We have done it all,as a Christian family even prayed about it. Dezmond after having outstanding medical bills several times a year,has made it through all of these dust storms in West Texas this time around with no E.R. visits, no complaints of difficulty breathing,no signs or symptoms of asthma. Ifind this to be amazing knowing my son's medical history. I want to thank God,and all of you because everyone has played a role in taking part in his life to finally get him in the "Green Zone" and keep him there! Please allow Dezmond to participate again this year before we move off to Dallas, Tx. and as a parent, I would like to volunteer and help out with year's camp, and be able to meet each and every one of you!


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I love Dr. Beck and her nurses. However, I have been out of town and in trainings every day this week. I took off early to get a shot before I take off out of town in the morning. I clock in, sit there a minute, and the receptionist comes over to tell me I'm two minutes to late to get a shot. Seriously? Before I left work, I checked the website for the times, and no times are posted. I couldn't get my shot because they told me it was 4:32, and they quick giving shots at 4:30. Very frustrated!